We promote sustainable farming and
provide an example for
socially and environmentally responsible
business practices.

The farm provided the place for the
operation of the Satya-Jyoti Trust which
seeks to work with people of this region
as well as others by means of

  • Skill based education and
  • Income generation for self-
  • Health care        
  • Preservation of natural resources

Satya-jyoti Trust is a registered non-profit
organisation. Any donations made to the
Trust has exemptionn under section 80G
of the Indian Income Tax act.
who we are...
BY MARCH 2014, (10 years after we started the
non-profit Trust) all the women that the Trust was
trying to rehabilitate, have moved on with their
We can only hope that they are happy and settled
wherever they are now.
We have also temporarily shut down the sewing
The last to leave are Bhanwar, Manju and their two
daughters. They have gone back to Bikaner, their
original home town,
to manage a garment unit for another NGO.

However, Satya Jyoti as an organic farm,
continues to flourish...